War – No(n) Sense

Most of history change its course when war starts between two clan,kingdom or nation. But the mindset of the leaders still not changing seeing the after effects of a war even the side victorious. Victory can be a treat for egoist leaders but the fellow country man who made his living,developed his dreams to reality after lot of hard work will suffer the real defeat by seeing his every dream getting destroyed in a single day with single bombing.

A Compassionate leader will not consider war as an option to settle any kind of dispute.It is worse if leader of one side doesn’t have any other choice other than to fight. History has such kings,rulers,leaders who have not thought about losing his own people in front of his eyes in the name of war but in order to protect his land and its dignity and decide to fight. A leader with compassionate heart who felt really heart broken for the opponent soldiers and people will finally surrender by accepting the defeat just to stop this no(n) sense.

Today, the war between Russia and Ukraine is such a kind of no(n) sense where nobody will be benefited other than losing people and their trust on world leaders with its system. Every bomb thrown, every bullet fired, every drop of blood shed will be just a news and food for thirsty ego of this mindset of leaders.

World leaders has to understand one important question,

Why you built your nation and make every effort to lead peacefully the people of your country to prosperous in good health but to just destroy them in the name of war?

Every penny spent by the nation to develop its infrastructure to give good connectivity, medical facilities, education and employment is an effort,time and energy spent by a common people which a leader doesn’t have any claim of his making and doesn’t have any right to create a situation to destroy it in the name of war for conflict management of any reason.

The very hurting thing to watch is that the helplessness of other nation people who bleed by heart for the people of the nation who started the War or victim of War and like to stand with them in this difficult time but doesn’t have any means and can only do is to pass their condemn in every way.

This blog post is such a way to express my condemn to all the world leaders who have the thought of handling or solving a dispute by starting a WAR.

I strongly condemn WAR and will not stand with the leaders who support WAR.

Author: KavinThuligal

I am a common man who wish to share my insights which I can't give as advice but can share as opinion about real life situations in this blogs. I hope this helps someone to know that people are really good and meaningful in their thoughts about our existence.

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