He/She can Carry Both – Pregnancy/parenting and Career

Its all perspective that matters!

Either male or female, men or Women – This applies. During this international women day, A pregnancy tester company released an advertisement portraying perspective of Women about pregnancy.

Four Women in different work background including a women shown as house wife having a crying child and try to console the infant with things which is difficult to handle. Now the other women in the frame give their view on pregnancy,career and their life. Pros and Cons are discussed. Finally the women shown like housewife with infant explain her perspective and add that she successfully having a career as managing Law and order in Indian police institution along with her motherhood.

Link for the ad : Celebrate Women’s Day 2022 With Prega News | #SheCanCarryBoth | Sayantani Ghosh – YouTube

I as a viewer of this ad felt really impressed about the director perspective about pregnancy which almost all women with career aspiration think as burden or feared about its insecurities.Some can say that you can only understand this difficulty only when you are women.But I don’t think so.

I have seen and studied about successful single parent who is man or woman for an infant who really enjoyed the journey of parenting without compromising their career. One such inspiring story is the single father who adopted a special child after lot of struggles with Indian law. He think that parenting will give him perspective which improved his character and made him compassionate about fellow beings. All this happened without compromising his career and also opened new opportunities for him as of I read.

Link for his TED talk : Let’s celebrate adoption as we celebrate child birth | Aditya Tiwari | TEDxSurat – YouTube

Consider same gender(Women) couples and both had pregnancy with the babies born on same time but one has to parent both their infant and also pursue her career while other partner is only going to work as her work requires her presence in the work environment to ensure the career growth. This is about the choice each of the partner make and take certain responsibility to give a good future to their children. Here there is no gender inequality in parenting that woman only has to handle the child compromising the career and man can enjoy all the benefits of being a man.

Again its all perspective that matters in my opinion!!!!

Here my Intention is not to say that who is better and best between the two gender or who is having difficulties when it comes to parenting and pregnancy. No matter men or Women, If you are strong enough to balance the pregnancy or surrogacy and career without considering the old stereotype thought process and with or without any support system, then You can really make a great parent and achiever out of you and a great next generation from you.

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