Climate Diaries – What I(Earth) expects?

Hello Earthians, I hope you are all very much experiencing a very drastic climatic conditions in your regions in the past few months. As a planet, I may be responsible for this happenings but the question of what is the reason which triggered me to create such chaos in your beautiful living place.Honestly saying, I didn’t have a choice.

Its completely physics and science, Every action has equal and opposite reaction , the great scientist once said.

Believe it or not, This is exactly happening and I am too helpless to control or stop any action which is already set in motion.Meanwhile,I was also observing very keenly the global COP26 summit with lot of expectation so that we all together can improve and reverse what you all had already did.

Unfortunately, There are lot of disappointments from the round and even the real interest is not made clear in my point of view.I,the earth is looking for more of individual effort from each living human being to city to country to global level as cumulative effect than this early global summit where you just talk and hear but no action.

I was having this type catastrophic effect on myself when my system gets out of control but the gaps are very long between one event to another.Now, you are bringing the catastrophic effect on yourself by pushing my limits where I have to reset my system in a very short time line.

There are different demands or expectations I have, to pull this together and I am ready to help,you just need to make things set in action immediately.

  1. Conservative approach of Resources – every penny counts
  2. Direct full R&D on non fossil energies
  3. De-Commercialize the global economy
  4. Entertain deep rooted green friendly economy
  5. Enact every law keeping earth conservation as high and main criteria
  6. Demand fine or heavy law suits for offenders

The Main and very desperate need is to conserve ocean ecology which is your greatest ally and hope to survive and escape from this catastrophe.

If I were in your place,I would have joined every available forces and started my actions immediately and most importantly efficiently. Because your days are numbered.

Author: KavinThuligal

I am a common man who wish to share my insights which I can't give as advice but can share as opinion about real life situations in this blogs. I hope this helps someone to know that people are really good and meaningful in their thoughts about our existence.

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