Climate Dairies – A decade of Change

Hello Fellow Human Beings, We are at the end of a decade tunnel and entered in to a new decade of our existence. In this past decade, We evolved in most of the ways tremendously. From small phones to sophisticated smartphones,Less Connectivity to always connected, Dining to online food delivery, Shop purchasing to online purchasing,Watching movies in theater to OTT platforms etc. These comfort features made our life easy but whether is it sustainable? Every bit of improvement has both plus and minuses. But in this case,it is more minuses than pluses which is mostly on earth than on us.

In this past decade, the way earth and its nature has experienced a huge pressure on its existence. Technology had given us lot of great things & opportunities to pursue our dreams and to plan our better future but on what cost. This is the million dollar question.Few people ask me questions like even these technologies are helping you to communicate to millions through a single window and a mouse click. I immediately flash, True but do I have choice?

In this blog series climate diaries, I am going to play a role as earth and nature who like to share their experiences which it had written in its diary about how it rejoiced,transformed, pressurized and left unnoticed.

Change 1 – Carbon Di Oxide Emission

Hai all, this is earth speaking, my first topic on my dairy is about CO2 emission. CO2 emission has been a way old climate disruptor since industrial revolution.But in past decade human activities are pacing it up in a exponential way.Every one thinks that driving vehicle is the only or major reason for increase in CO2 emission.But not really,every activity humans do in their life is directly or indirectly contribute the CO2 emission starting from what they eat, what & how they consume and its frequency etc. Even emission due to fossil fuel burning is overtaken by emission due to unsustainable consumerism. Humans need to became minimalist in everything.If you able to reduce your consumerism then you will be able to make a great impact in reducing CO2 emission.

I have added an image to show how your consumerism has impacting green house emissions.
Image credit – You want to reduce the carbon footprint of your food? Focus on what you eat, not whether your food is local – Our World in Data

Lastly I have to give you an idea how CO2 precipitation in a visual way which can make you understand what you are giving back to me which suffocates to take than I can give to you and your generations to come.

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