Nature – A lost Wor(l)d

What to lose in this word?
Do you all know why I am asking this question to my dears?
Because we(human Beings) forget to “L”ove this nature.

If you say you just remember it, it is really not enough
If you say you talk about it, it is just zero percent
If you say you work for it, it is just matter of concern
If you say you fight for it, it is really starting to help
If you say you will die for it, it is the real meaning of your existence.

I am a 33 year old human being , one of the mindful species of this mother nature.
Everyday I fed myself with what mother nature offer to her children like any of us from the day one I entered this world. I am consuming every aspect of her lik air,water,warmness,food and the list goes on.She never ask anything in return or demand anything for her.

This make me very selfish and enjoy every comfort from mother nature without any payback. At one point of time,the comfort enjoyed by this human being exponentiated to a level where other species who should be our siblings lost their livelihood and mother nature not able to rejanuvate itself to provide this comfort further.Every year, we are facing extintion of one or more species which will create imbalance in our ecosystem and indirectly affect ourselves in long run.

For me,It took a very big mindset shift to understand this reality of being in comfort zone we are offered by the mother nature.Even this state of mind is not enough for me to realise how much irreversible impact I as a individual created on this mother nature and its other inhabitants.

As a father of my child, I always like to ensure a stable and happy future to my next generation but what I forgot to realise that without mother nature and this world at best of its state, there is no best future to my child.This make me feel very shame and uncomfortable everytime when I see the impact I create on this world due to my unthoughtful decisions.

Once I started considering this in my every small decisions, I started to make many thoughtful decisions which made myself and my family to face lot of difficulties at first but once we get used to it this decision making made us feel better and believing that our child future will surely be improved in a way we love and help mother nature.

Lastly, I urge every reader and friends to love mother nature and impact created on her due to our every day decisions before making any call. Even a small love and care on her will create huge impact one her which will help for our exsistence and ensure future of our next generation.

Author: KavinThuligal

I am a common man who wish to share my insights which I can't give as advice but can share as opinion about real life situations in this blogs. I hope this helps someone to know that people are really good and meaningful in their thoughts about our existence.

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