Hashtag – #Fightfor1point5

Hashtag – #Fightfor1point5

There is always conscience which tells you what is right or wrong but for conscience to say that we need to be atleast aware about the real facts on that matter. Unless then we will not be able to differentiate what is right from the wrong.This is what happens now or atleast from the past on the topic – Climate and its adverse change & impacts due inappropriate human action.

In the past week two hashtag was rolling in twitter admist the anniversary of major climate agreement in the histroy of mankind to save its own kind from possibility of extinction.That is #parisclimateagreement and #Fightfor1point5.This is one of the world trending hashtags in which some of them are still tweeting against the topic or the tags.I think their conscience is not aware of all the facts of upcoming crisis if we are atleast not aware what we are fighting for.

I like to emphasize some important views by sharing the same in this read which I felt vaild regard this topic.Even these facts are available all over the internet in every climate organisations to support this paris agreement.Here I like to consolidate and simplify for better understanding atleast in my view.

1. Impact on Marine Ecosystem

Important natural ecosystem and world inhabitant impacted first by this climate change is the Marine ecosystem and its inhabitants.This ecosystem is completely relied on the marine water acidity and salinity to have a stable environment.If any one of this factor moves out of safe threshold the marine life will be affects on unimaginable scale.Reason for change in those factors
1. Dumping of waste and sewage in the ocean.
2. Largest emission of CO2 (Marine aborbs more Co2 than trees).
3. Deicing of polar regions due to increase temperature.

Some has a question like what impact does this have on our living or future. Of course it does have a greater impact.
1. Reduced Marine Food supply and its businesses.
2. Unavailability of Marine based Medicines.
3. Reduced ability to absorb Co2 and produce Oxygen.
4. Raise in sea levels (Coastal cities and Low lying Islands)
5. Adverse weather

Even if we take necessary actions by supporting this type of agreement & initiative will not solve all this issues soon but it will reduce the impact or to reduce its pace which give space for us to breathe and think.

2. Impact on Polar Region

First to understand the effect due to impact on polar regions, we need to understand the formation & science of polar regions in our ecosystem and in our daily lives.
Polar regions are formed becasue of less sunlight reaching to this latitude as the earth planet is tilted which keep sun away.The air will circulate from tropical or equtorial regions towards polar regions due to difference in pressure.Because of this formation, these regions regulate the warm air produced in the centre of the earth due to higher exposure to sun and Co2 generated by the other ecosystem.This will help to maintain the balance of earth temperature from gettting more warmer and hotter. Even this circulation of air are the reason for our monsoons and rain.

Now as we generate more heat and Co2 due to heavy human activities, these warm air circulation bring more heat to the polar regions which reduce the capacity of the polar regions to balance as the higher temperature makes the polar regions also warmer than expected.This makes the ice to melt faster than expected which increases sea levels and also creates irregular and intense pressure patterns results in adverse rains and cyclones and no longer monsoon cycle and level is maintained.

3. Impact on Monsoon & Food supply

As the result of above impacts over other natural ecosystem and climate conditioners,The other chain impacts are created.Monsoon & seasonal rainfall is one of the important factor for agriculture and its related planning.Every planning of crop and its yield is according to the seasonal times and according to the rainfall at every season.If there is a change in this timing due to some reasons, this will affect the agriculture and inturn food supply and its economy associated with it.

Now a days we already evident heavy rainfall,monsoon timing changes and even change seasonal characteristics are adversely imbalance resulting in more amount of rain in less time or no rain at all which results in difficulty to store the rain water, untimely release of water from storage capacity which ends in sea without any use for agriculture and more importantly damage of crops due to heavy wind and rain water filled the field with no proper knowledge or technology to recover or remove it.
Finally this will affect the food supply and it results in food shortage,starvation,malnutrition etc.

4. Impact on Earth average temperature

Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

This impact is based on the above basic physics principle.We create more heat due to various human activities which has the equal reaction of increase in earth average temperature year by year and opposite reaction of adverse weather.Above all the impacts are caused by this impact on earth average temperature.Every one knows the reason for this impact, Continous CO2 emission than the earth can consume,deforestation,urbanisation and non renewable energy infrastructure.

So as per climate scientist, We will not be able to CO2 emission and other activities completely but we can set a target on the effect of this activities which inturn help to plan this activities.Here comes the hashtag #Fightfor1point5 which is a target of rise in earth average temperature.If we able to plan our activities such that it will not result in increase of average temperature over and above 1.5 degree this will help in reverse the effects in a very slow manner and not create a irreversible environmental impact.

Dear friends,I believe I am able to put the read in a way that it makes sense why we need to fight for 1.5 and help to protect our planet from extinction.I had already discussed the simple steps we can do to help maintain or reach this targets in my previous blog. Please find the link here.

Climate Change – A World Emergency – Kavin Thuligal

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