Climate Change – A World Emergency

Greta Thunberg – The Invisible Girl

When I heard about this girl, I was really surprised that how a school going kid can talk or at least think about the climate change and its dangerous implications led to human extinction.This question made me to search for this girl in internet and stunned

“Climate Justice” – This words, how we see this words,what this words mean to us, why this girl in this age who has to enjoy her childhood days is uttering this words in all the forums.

“It’s sometimes annoying when people say, ‘Oh you children, you young people are the hope. You will save the world’” she said, after several grown-ups had told her just that. “I think it would be helpful if you could help us just a little bit.” – Greta Thunberg.

This big words made me feel that we (Past and Present generation intelligent human being) are bad doing nothing to do justice for our future generations by saving our environment which we enjoyed in our childhood days.Lot of people always think that what wrong we did which affect the climate and increase global warming.

Is this that serious trouble? I would say yes. Have a look in to this video.

We are very insensitive to the very slow raising problems which raises slow,slow,slow but in steady phases.This is the real problem with us to understand this climate emergency until we reach very bad shape if we didn’t act now , the most affected will not be us but our children who we say daily that we love them too much. Are we keeping our stands?

Even I as an individual thinks a lot how to add my contribution to do justice for her question. But as a person who lives in a country like India where people strives more to get proper public transport raise a question how can I support in reducing carbon footprint. But we have still other options to contribute for this cause.

1. Talk about it

There is a survey done about climate change to the people to know the awareness of what happening around them. Over 70% people say they know climate change is happening but when they are asked that whether they will talk about it daily or did you hear any media talking about it daily. Two third of the total mass say a BIG NO. Every change in this world came by word of mouth.So please talk about it to your neighbors,colleagues and relatives at least two mins a day to remind them that this is happening when we talk and do a enormous damage which we can’t reverse.

Rise, Talk and Create awareness a Big No

2. Less consumption

The less consumption not pointing to direct consumption of fossil fuels but indirect consumption of fossil fuels.For example,If we consider a single person daily consumption of fossil fuel is 100 liters on average, in that 80 liters are by indirect consumption. Indirect consumption means fossil fuel consumed to manufacture the products and services we use daily.If we need one as essential need but having three for the same purpose is our extra consumption.

Think before you consume even a single ear bud.

3. Less waste generation

This part is well aware by all of us but who follows is the big question.High generation of waste leads to improper handling and finally dumping it in to land and sea. We as human beings should be more proactive in our own waste management but ironically we are the least proactive in this than all the living beings in the earth. Even a tree shed their leaves in autumn will be manure for the same in next season.We humans not even think how to use renewable resources and how to recycle non-renewable resources.

Every single waste is reducing the survival of our future generations

4. Divestment on Fossil Fuels

I am very new on this option when I heard about this head.But this works.Whatever we save in banks,bonds,pension funds,deposits are in turn invested by the firms in the fossil fuels industry.Did you think about it before? I am not but when I explore this topic already lot of people already raised their voice to the firms where they invested money for returns to divest money from fossil fuels even they are not able to give profit to them.I hope this can make very big change in our contribution to reduce climatic change.

What you invest today will be reaped by our future generation.So invest wisely.

5. Vote & follow consciously

Vote – I don’t see it just as a right for a single day. I don’t want to do something on that day and do nothing after that. We need to follow the government activities and take awareness from the plan it creates in the five year tenure. This help to decide what they say and what they do.Every single candidate should know impacts on the nature and environment due to the schemes they introduce. Even we don’t have option to question them but we are able to create awareness and help people to select their right candidate. Every election manifesto should have the environment as the highest priority.

Educate yourself and Educate others to make a change.

Friends, Understand that who ever protesting against climate change is not talking on behalf of earth because the earth can survive this impact as it survived billion of years on various conditions.They are fighting on behalf of us and for our future generations to get the climate justice.

Raise yourself for the climate concern.
If we still didn't act on this climate change, there may be rule saying that people should not reproduce because each child became an burden on the climate.Read Below.

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  1. We love our kids but we are not really looking for their future. Interesting one.

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