Water Scarcity – A Reality or Myth

Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine.

நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு.

In all languages, Water is quoted with real importance but human being who evolved with all wisdom doesn’t able to understand the importance of this liquid gold in all of their existence. As for as this fellow being ” Water is just a commodity”. A big Yes.

Our world is covered by one third of water. Irony is 1 in 3 People are not accessible to pure & safe drinking water for the healthy being as per WHO (World Health Organisation). This is present state of our world especially the Asian countries. Even after this situation,why are we not giving a big deal to this resource? Because somehow or the other we are managed to get water time to time but this will not help for long run.

Nevertheless,You all have this million dollar question “what is safe and Quality drinking water?” in your mind. At least I have this question in my thought before exploring where we failed and why. Every space in internet has a DIFFERENT opinion on this question but not GIVING the answer which is the exact definition. I made a lot of search to find an ideal definition for this million dollar question but nothing sounds like a answer.

So what is called safe and quality drinking water?

As per me there is no such water available in our world.

May be you all surprised by my view.But this is the reality, there is no such water which is safe and in at most quality to drink without any doubt. Thinking who is responsible for this situation.

Its Us.

Of course we are, Just the dweller of this planet are the culprit who is not having any hesitation before exploiting water resource as if we are owning this planet.

Everybody in metros know about this scarcity and droughts as they faced this situation in some day of summer. Once water is available nobody cared from where this water is brought and who is affected by it. This process will not help us for long time if we continue our careless attitude on this resource “Water”.

Image speaks for itself depicting the reason of this situation. Image credits : http://www.wsp.org

what shall be done to improve this situation?

If people in city or village try and follow this below measures in their day to day life which are not new and difficult as this are followed at ancient times for better water management. Once Industrialization and Globalization created market for this water and we started buying it instead of managing it.

1. Don’t abuse water

Give respect,Take respect

The above quote is meant for all things in this earth. we should respect water resource at most dignity.I have seen in lot of places how water is treated and abused by people. In India rivers are worshiped as goddess but the same is littered with all the wastes we used for the prayers we offer.We don’t care even if the same water is served to our home for drinking purpose. If we respect water it is like respecting ourselves and our health.

2. Use less water

Once you need less,you have more.

People are very vigilant in spending every penny they earned because it is their hard earned money. But Water? They are using it like it is given for them as granted. Reality is people doesn’t know the real worth of this liquid gold. May be in another 20 Years, The man who has water available for his daily chores will be the richest man in this world. At that time Money will not help anyone to survive. Save it for our future generation this liquid gold “Water”

3. Recycle water

Recycle makes you god, as you create it again.

People think recycling water is a big process involves lot of effort, money and infrastructure. Its not completely true.This depends on quantity of water and what type of discharged water being recycled. If discharged water is our household output, then this can be recycled with a very minimum investment like creating recycle pit in home or reuse of water for gardening,flushing etc. Recycling is a not a activity but merely a mindset and it really helps us at crisis time.

4. Recharge ground water

Recharge, our hope of survival

Our heart stops when our blood is pumped out faster than its recharged.This is same for our Earth. Water is earth’s blood.It donates its blood for our living.If we only pump out water without helping earth to recharge it , then one day earth can’t give us more. There are lot of ways like rain water harvesting, Less bore wells and more lakes, reservoirs which will help earth to keep the resource in it for our survival and future generations to come.

5. Educate next generation

I always think that our forefathers didn’t educate us the real importance of resource management. May be there is no situation which demanded it very badly.Now we are in a time to make our children aware about resource management and be a minimalist. They have to think twice before consuming each resource. This knowledge about resource management is not only for water but all the resource which we get from this mother nature.

This video gives situation in the last summer water crisis. Please watch and read my last portion of this read.

Finally, Water scarcity is not a myth. Its happening and coming strong if we don’t react stronger and faster. Water is pumped out from lot of villages without any control or regulation to supply for metro cities and people who is actually in need for the agriculture is struggling for water. People in metro (We) are not really faced this water stress at a large extent but this will not be the situation if we are not feeling responsible about the water resource and its abuse.

Friends, There are lot of debates,discussion and measures are taken by government,NGO and lot of volunteers but this is not enough. Even after all this, World and its citizens abuse,over use and waste the precious resource.This can only be improved when each individual feel responsible for this crisis and use this resource judiciously.

Water is and means health.Feel responsible!!

Information Credits : https://www.who.int/news-room/detail/18-06-2019-1-in-3-people-globally-do-not-have-access-to-safe-drinking-water-unicef-who

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