Good Reads – Tuesdays with Morrie – Mitch Album – Part -2


Love all or Perish.

In my last blog post, (If you missed to read please find the link I had shared the life lessons from the book which really touched my heart and more suitable for our present day life styles. I like to continue to share the other life lessons from the book in this blog post.

Life Lesson 4 – Family is more Important

Family is love,care,affectionate and more support one can get when in difficult times.Not all relations in the family circle is important or same as your own parents,wife and children.They are like your back bone of life.If they broke,how big or good you are you will be small at one point of life. The feeling is fantastic when you know there will be someone alwas there to hold your back when you fall by any means. This is a mutual responsibility.

Family – Spiritual security

Life Lesson 5 – Marriage

For making a good family, A good marriage is the starting point.Marriage is like not living with someone,it is like loving and caring for each other.Every generation pass by,it is more like people only searching for companion for living and not for loving.Commitement is the important value which will glue relationship for longer run.Along with this there are some rules to follow. We have to respect,compramise,trust with our partner.

The main value is to feel importance of the marriage

Life Lesson 6 – Money

Money runs the world and every person runs for it.Even I was not exception for it to think that more money is more good.But the truth is there is no point called enough money for being happy and satisfied.Every thinh has a better substitue when it comes to money and materialistic life.When you are so down on loneliness,not having shoulder to lean down and noone to hold your back or hug you, then nothing matter even if you have them more.So please stop chasing it instead feel richer in terms of love.

Money & Power is not substitute for love and tenderness

Like I said before in my previous writing on this same title, I will continue this sharing of life lesson which I felt while I read this fantastic book which literally made me cry at the end of the book when the author is describing the death of the man he looked for this many days as like his father rather than professor. I am sure you will also be moved when you read this book. Tuesday with Morrie. Until my next post for the remaining life lesson.Take care and stay safe.

Wish you all a good read.

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