Good Reads – Tuesday with Morrie – Mitch Album – Part 1

“Love all or Perish”

I was suggested by my friend to read this book and exclaimed that you will defintely like to read this book multiple times.Desperately looking for a good book to read,this was a godsent.So I immediately placed an order in Amazon.

I had read philosophical books before but this book is really different in the way it narrates the life lessons as conversations between dying professor (Morrie) and ambitious student (Mitch) about how to be prepared for death and what is important in life.

The book starts with author memories with his favourite professor and how his life is going on like programmed machine running towards a target until he hears about his professor in a TV show surprisingly.When I read the book,How a dying man can be this much calm,compassionate and empathy to all and even to someone who he saw for the first time when he is in his last days. I too wonder as the author does too.That was fantastic.

This book goes in the narration of how the student started meeting his coach after knowing his present state with lot of hesitation but taken aback when he really saw the medical condition his professor was. His professor was very happy and wanted him to come back for a little talk whenever he is possible because professor has something to share with him. The student finally decides to come and see him every tuesday to talk about something which professor loves to talk.

This is how this fantastic book called Tuesday with Morrie was brought into life which records the beautiful journey of a loving soul in his days of tremendous pain. I will quote some of the precepts in the book which professor said to his student and my take aways in it.

Life Lesson 1 – Love is the rational act.

Every thing I see around in this world is super rational in its own way. We experience the every expression whereever you see either in way of color,taste,smell,temperature and much more on.Love is one of the expression which all things in this world can give or take from everything.We human beings are very lack or mean in that expression and too busy so that not to share with the world.

Love all or Perish

Life Lesson 2 – Is it today I die.

All of us are assuming that death is no where in the near vicinity even we know that we can die any day.We are not accepting that reality.So we live a life in a way to reach little things which is not essential to us to breathe,eat & love everyday.No one has the time to stop and think whether I really want these which I am desperately running to live a complete life.This is how we are teached to live & see the life by our culture which will not give you any happiness or fulfilment when you are really going to die.

You learn how to die,you learn how to live

Life Lesson 3 – Detach from Emotions

Emotions are crucial in every part of our life.As one of intelligent being in this world, We are able to identify,feel and express them but the most important is to learn how to detach from that emotions.If we dwell in the same emotions for long time it will consume you.Either it is good or bad emotions, We need to detach from it once you experince it fully.Becasue if we are accpeting it, We will be in peace in any part of life even in the death.

Ok,This is fear. Step away from it,step away

Let see the remaining of life lessons from this beautiful book in the next part of this blog.If I put all the good things in one read it will be very difficult to consume and try it in your life considering you felt this is really important. Until then take care. Be safe and healthy.

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