House Rent in Metro – “A Common Man Nightmare”


How are you all? I hope my first post had given you something to debate in my mind & of course to think!!

Now what I should give for my next post in my debate with my mind!!

When I was talking to a taxi driver in Chennai, We started casual conversation in our short travel and the talk came about his family . He told his family is living in his native Thoothukudi and he use to travel once in two weeks for two days and that travel is only for taking complete rest and sleep. I asked him why can’t you bring your family here. So that you can save your travel cost and being with your family. He told “Sir , I am earning decent money by driving 16 hours daily and sleep in the car itself for the night rest. I asked why he sleep in car. His answer left me broke. And the answer is “House rent which he can’t afford for him and his family in city”.  What the hell!! Is the rent that high ?

Yes!! Undoubtedly!!

After being in metro city for more than one year . I heard lot of talks from my friends & colleagues about their experience of finding house with reasonable and affordable rent. Did you notice the word “Affordable”?

Yes !! The word affordable means lot.Why this word is so important. Lets see down

Average rent for a 1 BHK is 16,000 in chennai. OMG!! Did you see that…

Average rent Details courtesy :

Why this much rent? what makes owners so demanding? Why we take houses for rent even its not much affordable? Is owners alone responsible for this rent inflation?

 NO, absolutely not. We also. Let me share here my thoughts.

Now a days we didn’t search house with amenities for living such as good air, Proper sunlight , ventilation and plantation or gardening area. Instead the priorities have changed weirdly (At least I have this weird priorities while I search for the house).            I am listing those down which makes House Rent in Metro – A common man nightmare.

1. Security & Gated community

I believe in metro cities, Security becomes more important than anything. Even in our hometowns we see for secured locality but it will be at fourth or fifth in the list of ten priorities but not here. Why its more important in metro?

Because of the Unwanted fear created by Media hype about issues around us.

Security cameras, Security personnel, Entry and exit log of people & Vehicles and proper locality or gated community …Lot more…

2. Water supply

Water, the most essential resource for living but people want unimaginable amount of water supply for 24Hrs without interruption.

Tenants demand & use water like they pay for it and no one can question them.

This makes builders or community representatives to provide the water supply at any cost which is adding to rent inflation.

3. School/College for children

Education is one of the prime business in our country which loot parents in the name of fees. Parents want their in famous and established school and dont worry about quality of  education. By knowing this,

Constructing famous school inside community or built community near established school became latest trend and helps each other to make their business grow.

This demand makes rent of that community to shoot rocket high which is again burden for common man.

4. Work location

Travelling to work and return safely is a big task. People tend to find house near to work location.

Even 25% of working people from a small scale company want house near his work location then its a huge crowd of people.

And this necessity makes the rent inflation to next level.

5 . Accessible to service providers

Now a days, services like internet, cable tv , all delivery solutions and connectivity providers are focusing on densely populated localities.

They provide services in unimaginable time frame and utmost care. This is not available or more costly for less populated locality.

This attract demand for house in that locality which is more reflected in rent inflation.

6. Property websites

The last but the not the least, Our blindfolded trust on property website. he uses this trust to  inflate the rent. why he needs to do that?

Because people start to think that instead paying more rent , they can buy a home and pay the amount as EMI.

But people doesn’t want to settle here will prefer rent and this is absolute burden for him.

Friends!! We as migrants, who came to this cities for white collar occupation creating unimaginable struggle for the actual dwellers of that city by accepting this rent demands without any questions and afford it without any hesitation for our self needs. Nobody thinks about the less waged people and how they get affected because of this rent inflation.

All the above reason are of course important but not essential and we have other choices to make. We can even deny/oppose the rent demand or inflation.

We cant stop rent abuse immediately but we can raise our voice against it. This may help a common man to live with his family in a good locality at a affordable rent.

Thanks for reading the post. Your comments are welcome in the below sections. See you all in my next post. Take care.


For your kind attention:

1. In India, Rent control law is not that strong and not helping tenants completely on the fair rent control measures.

2. The rent control act is defined in 1960 and recently refurbished based on the present scenarios.

3. But still there is no proper definition for control of rent fixation and revision.

4. We can raise concern about rental abuse with rent controller who will be deputy collector of each district.

5. As per Government norms : 9% of the total cost – Residential building and 12% of the total cost – Non residential building should be called as fair rent for tenant. 




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