Salary – The less valued

Month last day! salary day! Yahooooo!!!!

The one day entire office will be happy!!

The only day I can say “I am the happiest man in the world”

But I always wonder where this money will go in a period of five days which I didn’t even felt my hard earned money in my own hand.

Even all the corporate salaried person in this universe will feel the same as I feel? I hope so.

What is happening to my money? where it is going? I started to think and little surprised by the answers I got which I like to share with you all.

Answer : 1 – Digital Techonology

This technology advancement made the real money into virtual money. This made us to see money as only numbers and not value. The great benefit they say. But it has more cons than pros.

Don’t say that I am against advancement. I love advancement when it comes through proper channel and guidance. People are dragged to do digital transactions because when you see money as numbers we didn’t see how much we spend.

The Bad answer 1.

Answer : 2 – Offers and Advertisement

I always felt bad for the days when I rush for the offers without thinking the price tag is really worth it. Instead we do it, As the transaction is one click away

If we thought how hard we worked to earn it. We would have made a second thought whether the stuff is really useful or we buy only not to miss the offer.

The Bad answer 2.

Answer : 3 – E Commerce

Really the best advancement happened in last decade. But for whom?  The place where seller is benefited than buyer.

When we buy from the shop we feel the real worth of the product. But while doing in online, Nothing is real. Still we buy it because it easy and convenient and spend the money without any comparison and bargain.

The Bad answer 3.

Answer : 4 – Laziness

Even when we spend the money in digital format we can keep track on what we spend. But most of us (especially me) doesn’t do that at any cost because we didn’t feel the importance of budgeting and saving before spending. 

Finally in the middle of month itself we run and compromise of less price, low quality and even doesn’t buy what we want.

The Bad answer 4

Answer : 5 – Running for Money, not happiness

After all spending of the money in your pocket in very huge rush for unnecessary things and started to think that the money you earn is not enough.

This finally makes you think you are underpaid or you started to work very very hard to get a hike or amazing increment next year (Obviously not gonna happen) by the cost of losing your happiness, missing family time and your health.

The Bad answer 5 and the most all will fall prey. Be cautious.

Friends, What we earn is by doing hard work including degrading our physical or mental health and spending valuable time. Both can’t be regained or redo at any way.

Lets take certain measures to live happily with no deficit of money for the entire month.

  1. Marginalize your spending.
  2. Make most of saving than spending.
  3. Think before you use the online merchandise.
  4. Do tax benefit savings and proper IT filing.
  5. Avoid the above said answers in your life.

If you take this measures , surely one day you will feel the difference because I started to feel it – The real worth and value of Money I earned – My salary

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day ahead.

See you in my next post.( I hope we will meet again).

Author: KavinThuligal

I am a common man who wish to share my insights which I can't give as advice but can share as opinion about real life situations in this blogs. I hope this helps someone to know that people are really good and meaningful in their thoughts about our existence.

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