SCHOOL – Upbringing “responsible Youths or money machines”


How are you? Hope all is well in your life and in your family.

Here I present my third blog to you all. This blog is very special to me because my daughter is main reason to take this subject.Even its usual subject and discussed many times by many people. But I really want to record my thought and opinion here.

Most of the time in my home, myslef and my wife not able to manage our daughter’s naughtiness . Oh! I didn’t say her name .. My little princess name is Aghathya. So we always say to hear that “Lets send her to school and there you will not be able to do all your naughtiness and freely play” which we are not planning to do until now. Then she suddenly started crying but without tears.

When I say this last time , I got a strike in my mind.

Seriously why I say that? Because, that is the bitter truth of this generation schools unfortunately.

Every morning while I drive to my office in Chennai , I will be crossing minimum 4 to 6 schools in a stretch of 15kms . In every school, Minimum 2500 to 5000 students enter the premises, in that most are with dull face. Even parents who take their children to school have no clue whether their children are liking to go school.

In fact, Many of my friends welcomed their new bundle of happiness within last two 2 years and most of them are planning to send their child to play school at the age of 2.5 to 3 Years. This blog is especially for all of them.

First lets talk about this play school concept which has play only in their name and does not even let our child to enjoy playing outdoor. Most of the activities are indoor, either screen or wall paper based. Literally this days , Plastic vegetable are used to touch and feel vegetables. How ridiculous!! Even we too do that in our home. But my wife try to give every real vegetable to my daughter to touch and feel them. This gives more idea than the play school or preschool practice.  This is one example.There are lot more unimaginable for which we pay lot of money.maxresdefault

Why parents are putting their child in this whip ring? I asked some parents this question  I list some answers which most of them said,

  1. To get good grades and climb professional ladder in life – 80%
  2. To get rid of their naughtiness in home – 10%
  3. Not able to manage them for working parents – 7 to 8%

Very less people will say this below answers.

  1. To enjoy his school life.
  2. To mingle with friends.
  3. To get socialized.

But nobody said the purpose of sending to school is to bring my child as responsible , fun loving & Innovative kid. Because nobody knows that these are the very important attributes than getting good grades and be a successful professional.

Play school Mafia

Now a days, We started to stress our little buddies at the very little age in the name of play school. of course some children like to go play school. I am not saying anything about it. In fact if they love we are at no place to object. But almost 99% kids does not want to go play school and want to be with their parents.

We as thinking as best parents search for the best or convenient play school and pay whatever fees they demand to hold our kids and occupy them until we returns. This is a jail literally than a play school. I am not saying all the play school are like this. There may be some exception but we can’t find exceptions literally.

You can ask then what shall we do?

Yes, You can do something for your precious kids and for their future. As a parent, you need to decide whether your career,money and prestige is more important than this soulful mind which needs not only attention but also care,love,patience along with teaching which can be shower on them by parents only. If you still think this is not a big deal, then you gonna loss your playful kid very early.

This is not threatening. This is a CAUTION

Most of the times, We are always in the assumption that our kids are happy and frankly we not even care to ask their problems and say you are small kid and you don’t know anything. This attitude will kill kid’s trust on us.

Regular school Mafia

Regular school is not an exception from this stunts. I am really astonished about the fact that how much they build their brand image every day. If they spend this attention towards children, they don’t need this branding commercial and banners.

Every regular school has same pattern of killing child’s innovative and joyful attitude.  We are not worried about it because we think this is not required for the success of our kid.

If you are the one who also think the same way, mark my words “Then you are guiding your children in wrong way”

Regular schools are not teaching the way kids to be taught. Every basic principle taught by the school are just a text for the kids which should be mugged up from the book and vomited in the exam paper.Article from economist

Kids know newton’s third law but if you ask why pistol is moving back while you shoot? None of our kid able to answer. This is how our schools and education system works.

After all basic is important, There is something more important than teaching basics of science. That is teaching to be responsible citizens. if I ask any of the kid what is your life goal or what you want to be?

Children will say either Doctor and Engineer. We have different specialties in both the career which kids would prefer. But almost all say this two profession as their life goals. Because schools used to make their mind that this two white color profession is the best for a successful life.

Schools teach how plastic is made but nobody teaches what impact it will do to environment when we dump or burn the same.

Schools teach how vehicle works and petrol is used, But school does not teach how much pollution it creates to the environment.

Schools teach role models life story and history , But school does not teach how much struggle and perseverance the role model had to reach that place.

If this is the way school continue to teach then it does not create responsible youths but a bloody money making machines.

Last point to complete this subject, I am not against school and its way of teaching or educational practices. But what they teach and how much importance given for environment,society,innovation and joyful learning in the subject will create more responsible and innovative kid.

Thanks for reading this post. I hope there is something valuable shared by me today.

Happy Parenting.

Dear parents

My humblest opinions

  1. Please be a single earner parent and other parent should be with the kid it may be either men or Women.
  2. Avoid sending to school if your child doesn’t like to go and try to find his/her interest.
  3. Please put your attention to your kids if they want to share their feelings about school (Even for all the topics).
  4. Better be their teacher for all the subjects than sending to school. No one can take care of them at the best than you.
  5. Please be aware that there is no need to send them for school for doing or finishing standards. They can study in home and write exam for the certification.
  6. Even less aged children cracked tough examination who have the same brain as our children. So it is evident that teaching is not mandatory but only interest.
  7. Don’t judge school by their grades and academics. Instead select school with good sanitation,Nature oriented, environment friendly and last but not least take good care of our children.

So please create that interest in studies for your kid and don’t make them feel that learning is a burden by handing them to this school mafia.  sir-ken-robinson-ted-talk-schools-kill-creativity




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