Kids – Motor Skills Vs Mind Skills

Every kid is unique!

Recent times, there are lot of online education and learning platform has emerged and their course structure starts from kids of age 3 approximately. This method of learning is fastly adopted by many individuals from 20’s kids to 70’s kids which is really encouraging and open lot of opportunities. Even a kid who cant afford to go for a school can now learn something in free online platform or Governmental education platform.

Inspite of its benefits, some online educational platforms exploiting this opportunities in commercial way. Of course any business has to earn profit which can be achieved by commercializing the product. But there should be also ethics in their way of approach. Education is non profit as per our Indian constitution. Due to present senario and demand, Online education has become a need.

Courses which are even difficult for adults to follow are recommended for kids with lot of fancy ads in which a kid had achieved in mastering that skill. By doing this, Parents started to think that even his/her kids can learn this skill and excel in very short period of time.They start to invest lot of time and money thinking that the kid will also achieve even in same way and add more pressure on kid to spend more time infront of computer or Mobile for hours.But reality is different,Every kid has it own unique learning capability and growth trend.

Firstly, The kid who already mastered this skill may have that type of mind like analytical,logical etc. Analytical kid may not be good at logical and vice versa. As a parent, instead of trusting these unrealistic promises from these learning platform, We have to understand the need and our kids priorities.

As human evolution, Physical work is more benefit for human anatomy than mind work and this is how we achieved a healthy DNA over the past generations. Unfortunately due to cost and efficiency, Adults are tend to see physical work are time consuming and autonomous is efficient and cost effective. In one way it may be true but this set a trend to additionally look for physical fitness and health as one goal instead of making it a lifestyle.We shall not bring the same situation to kids.

Kids from Toddler to teenage has to be more physically engaged. So only in our schools, it is mandatory by law that to have physical training course and a PT teacher to engage the kids physically also. This way of engagement has very long term benefits both physically and mentally for the kid. As a parent, We also should make sure that kids spend more time in physical activities than sitting in-front of computer in the name of education or learning a new skill.

Every kids should be given opportunities for excelling a motor skill like any game, cycling,swimming etc.. Of course Mind skills are really important but that shall be acquired by learning and practicing motor skills. Every motor skills need particular set of mind skill to excel in that motor skill. This will help the kid to grow as a healthy and positive individual which will course to develop a healthy lifestyle for them as adult and upbring healthy next generations.

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