Digital Diet in Social Platform

Hey! I suggest to cut the junks for your healthy metabolism and weight loss….
Our dietitian or gym trainer will push us to make a good fit out of your body and groom your look.
But in this digital era,Is there any one like that to guide us for digital diet? The food that we consume for our social well being and relaxation.
I say, It should be us than anyone!!!

Why digital Diet is more important to us?

Day by Day, Consumers of digital data is increasing multi fold. See to the figures by yourself.

From Jan 2019 to Jan 2020, 9% rise in total social media users as per above survey. This is around 0.3 billion new users and this will still grow more in coming years.This will put more pressure on the data cultivation and innovative features to feed the demand and keep the users attached to their respective social platform.After all creative content are sowed,then offensive and attention seeking contents are grabbing the interest of the users.Finally it became viral.

There are lot of studies been done in every country to understand the impact of social media on the users. The trend is very alarming in terms of content interest and age band of users. Lot and lot of exploitation has been focused on every social media users especially who are very weak in protecting their social identity and personal data.

Ok, Now you may think what are the precautions and measures we need to take from not falling prey to this exploitation. I tried my level best to put my views.

1. Reduce screen time

Very Obvious and best way to improve our digital diet. Up to minimum of 4Hrs was the average time spent by individuals every day in mobile devices alone. That is hell a lot of time for the internet world to enter into your personal space and impact your social well being.In a family, five members using mobile device for 4hrs each at different time intervals will make them isolated from each other very frequently.

Lets practice common screen time targets in our families and socialize as human beings

2. Restrict electronic devices in Bed

Usage of electronic devices during bed time or in bed before sleep is one of the biggest addiction one can have in digital era and I am too haunted by this habit long time. But I am trying my best to bring it under control.Keeping the mobile phone away while you come to bed is the most difficult thing like leaving your best companion. But this companion will make sure to move you away from your loved ones. Most of the marital issues starts from this separation during your bed time.

Leave your gadgets very far away from bed

3. Create hunger for Useful info

Everything has two sides in this world either it is nature or man created.Technology is also one in that. Mobile devices and electronic gadgets are other dimension of world in your reach. Create hunger for good and useful eagerness for what your reach out for in this pandora box.Every social media platforms are mainly targeting to attract people with one goal. Create mass audience to earn more.Nevertheless not worried about human values and its impact on it.

Enjoy using the technology for right purpose

4. Avoid unnecessary Applications

Lakhs and Lakhs of Applications are available in our internet world but only a few are really serving the purpose of what they are designed for. Every social platform runs through lot of ads for different apps which tends you to check the application. But installing those applications will surely an keyhole for cyber criminals to look into your personal space and we will not know the impact it will bring to your life until it happens. Please restrict installing applications which is not trustworthy or asking permission to access all your information.

Applications are for our benefit not for benefit of exploiters

Digital well being is very important in this present era but practicing that will be a toughest goal to all of us. Every one has their own priorities and preferences like watching movies,reading books,learning new skills and making businesses based on their interests but learn to moderate it by yourself than someday someone push to the extent of moderating your space with bitter experiences.

Thank you for reading the content and space. Please feel free to write your comments and like if you feel this read provides you real pinch of useful time spend.

Author: KavinThuligal

I am a common man who wish to share my insights which I can't give as advice but can share as opinion about real life situations in this blogs. I hope this helps someone to know that people are really good and meaningful in their thoughts about our existence.

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